Bill Matthews

Husband, Dad, Fisherman, Owner of BMO.  

BMO is an independent sales & marketing  agency specializing in fishing tackle sales throughout Pacific NW, Alaska and Hawaii.  Lines represented include Eagle Claw, Boomerang, Top Brass Tackle, Promar, Pautzke and Atlas Mikes.


I am a lifelong fishing enthusiast, outdoor cook and connoisseur of great local beers. I'm all about the total fishing experience.  I love catching crappie as much as I love catching tuna...it's all about getting out on the water, loving your time there and enjoying the bounty of your catch.    


Through my blog & website I hope that I can spread a little cheer and encourage others get outside and enjoy all that the rivers, lakes, streams, mountains and oceans have to offer.

Life is short, remember to FISH MORE work less!



415 NE 4th Ave, Camas WA 98607

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