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Updated: Sep 28, 2021

The New Boomerang ProGrip paddle and rod tether is a "Must Have" new kayak fishing accessory. The ProGrip is a heavy duty retractor that as been designed to attach to your paddle, fishing rod or any other cylindrical object that you want to keep secure.

Bill talks about the new PROGRIP Kayak Accessory from Boomerang Tools

On one end of the ProGrip is a ratcheted arm that works like a handcuff to lock in place over your rod or paddle.

Boomerang PROGRIP
The Boomerang ProGrip

On the other end is a 48” retractor that comes equipped with a carabiner type clip that can be attached to you kayak seat, vest, or any other tie down location in your kayak. The retractable tether locks in 5” intervals. Just pull the retractor to the desired length and the cord will lock in place, give it another pull and the reel unlocks and retracts.

You simply open the ratcheted arm and place over your paddle or rod, and then lock it in place.

Super easy to attach to your paddle!


*Built in ratchet mechanism locks the reel at the desired length and keeps tension off the cord while the phone is in use

*End Fitting adjust to hold any cylindrical object up to 1.25" in diameter

*Heavy Duty aramid fiber cord with an 80 lb. minimum breaking strength

*Attach the ProGrip anywhere with the available attachment options including a zinc alloy carabiner or stainless steel clip.

*Made in the USA and proven to last more than 1-million pulls

The ProGrip easily attaches to rods, paddles, coolers and tackle bags.

Once attached your rods and paddles are securely attached, but easy to access because of the 48” retractor. The ProGrip can be used as a paddle leash, or to secure items that you want access to, like extra rods, tackle bags and coolers. Look for the new Boomerang Pro Grip at your local fishing or kayak store near you!


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