New Eagle Claw Trokar TK2 & TK2V Octopus Hooks

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This year Eagle Claw introduced two new octopus hooks under the Trokar Brand. The Trokar TK2 and TK2V. These hooks represent a major upgrade in hook technology.

First and foremost, both of these hook designs feature the Eagle Claw Trokar Point - a precision ground triple-sided point that penetrates with as little as half of the pressure of other hooks. This design is unique to Eagle Claw Trokar, and was developed and is produced in the USA.

Eagle Claw Trokar TK2

Trokar TK2

The Trokar TK2 replaces the TK400 as the standard octopus hook in the Trokar Line up. The TK2 two features a wider offset, Trokar “Beak” point and comes in both Platinum Black and Red. This hook is an incredible upgrade to the previous version and sets the standard for all other octopus hooks.

The Trokar TK2 is available in sizes #6 through 9/0 in both loose packs and XL packs

Eagle Claw Trokar TK2V

Trokar TK2V

The Trokar TK2V replaces the Trokar “Big Nasty”. The “V” style bend combined with a wide offset and super sharp Trokar “Beak” point combine to make this hook an incredible fish catching tool. The “V” bend helps to hold the fish once hooked. The Trokar TK2V is quickly becoming the octopus hook of choice for dedicated anglers.

The Trokar TK2V is available in both red and Black in sizes #6 through 9/0.

Like all Eagle Claw Trokar hooks, both the TK2 and TK2V are made right here in the USA.

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