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Fathers Day Kayak Tournament

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

The KBF ( Kayak Bass Fishing ) Fathers day tournament was this past weekend. Anglers from across the West and across the country can fish against each other via an online tournament. It is a CPR ( Catch, Photograph, Release) Tournament format, and it goes by the length of your best 5 bass. To fish the tournament you have to use the Fishing Chaos App to register your catch. Although I do not get to fish in many of these tournaments, I thoroughly enjoy them, and am a big fan of the format.

I was not able to fish on Friday, and Saturday I fished the Willamette River, because there was so much wind on the Columbia River. I am not very familiar with the Willamette, and although I caught a lot of little fish on Saturday, I did not get anything that I wanted to register for the tournament. Going into Sunday I had zero fish on the board.

Sunday, I was able to get onto the Columbia River and caught lots of Bass, but was just not able to catch any big ones. I did lose one that was at least 17" but it would not have changed my results. I finished 4th in the West and 26th nationally. Not my greatest showing, but it was great to learn how to use the Fishing Chaos App, and get back into tournament mode. There is a lot that goes into being ready to fish these tournaments versus just regular fun fishing. The KBF community is great, and although it is competitive, it is very inclusive. I have really enjoyed going to some of the bigger tournaments and interacting with other anglers.

Here is a recap of my top 5 fish:

15.25" Caught on a Storm Largo Shad Swim Bait

16.25 Caught on a Ned Rig, using a VMC Jig

16.75" caught on a Ned Rig on a VMC Jig Head

17" caught on a Ned Rig on a VMC Jig Head

17.5" caught on a Ned Rig on a VMC Jig Head

It was a beautiful day to be on the river, and a great way to kick off the 2021 Kayak Bass Tournament Year.


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