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New Rapala CD ELite

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

The NEW CD Elite from Rapala is available now at your local retailers.

I grew up in Arkansas fishing Floaters, Countdowns and "Broken Back" Rapalas. I caught bass in our local lakes, in farm pounds and along the bank of creeks and rivers. It was by far my favorite lure because it caught fish. You can still find countdowns and floaters and jointed Rapala lures in my tackle box to this day. I love these lures and they hold a special place in my heart, that is why I am so excited about the new Countdown "Elite" from Rapala.

The Countdown "Elite" is an upgraded version of the traditional Rapala Countdown. The new finishes are simply amazing, they are built on a much sturdier frame that incorporates tungsten vs lead, and they sink at a slightly faster than the traditional countdowns ( 1.5 feet per second vs 1.0 feet per second on the original Countdown). They also come equipped with VMC Inline Hybrid 2X Trebles hooks.

Available in 12 colors and two sizes: CDE55 2 1/4" & CDE75 3"

Plain and simple, they look AWESOME and from what I have seen the action is even better than the original.

Here is an excerpt from the Rapala Canada website:

The CountDown® Elite harnesses over 80 years of lure making craftmanship into a premium balsa lure. It features the legendary controlled slow-sinking method of the original CountDown®. The new CountDown® Elite is built with a modern construction for maximum casting distance and accuracy, improved improved durability and versatility - and a flutter on the drop. The color patterns combine metallic plating, HD printing and new designs, bringing the look to a totally new level.

The new CD Elite features wire through construction and tungsten core weight.

The "gilded: face is awesome on the new CD Elite

I will be fishing these as soon as weather and time permits and I will update this with a review and hopefully a video.


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