We put the new Eagle Claw EC2.5 rods & reels to the test.

Updated: Aug 25

Eagle Claw EC2.5 siz 20 Spinning Reel and 6' Medium Spinning Rod

A few months back we did a review on the new Eagle Claw EC2.5 rods & reels. You can see that review HERE.

I have been able to use the rods a few times since then and have been extremely impressed with their performance and durability. I wanted a more extreme test than just bass fishing, so I rigged up an EC2.5 combo and took it with me on a bottom fish trip off the coast of Washington.

I wanted this to be an endurance test, so I way over powered the combo. I used 20 pound braid, connected to a large swivel. I tied a Promar 30# shrimp fly rig to the swivel and then hung a 2 ounce Promar Ahi Live Deception Flash Jig on the bottom of the shrimp fly rig.

Here is what the set up looks like:

Promar Ahi bottom fish rig did great on the EC2.5 Combo

We fished in 100 feet of water and the fish ranged from 2 to 6 pounds.

The results for the EC2.5 were great. The rod and reel held up to the heavy gear and fish, often pulling up doubles and even a triple. The drag performed better than expected and the overall experience was outstanding. The rod was super sensitive, even at 100 feet down, and had the perfect action even when using gear that was much too heavy for the rod & reel. Overall, at a retail price point of $89.99 for the combo, I feel it is by far the best value out there.

Doubles and even triples were no problem for the Eagle Claw EC2.5 Combo The Promar Jig definitely worked well on these fish!

I highly recommend the new Eagle Claw EC2.5 rods and reels!

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