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BMO Q3 2018 Fishing Results

Updated: May 22, 2020

At 930 total fish caught, Q3 was a great quarter for BMO. Net results on both size and variety of fish was up substantially over the previous year. Q3 fishing in the Pacific NW has many opportunities, and we took advantage of many, but unfortunately left several opportunities on the table. Please see the BMO Q3 fish Board at the bottom of this post for complete results. To make the board a fish must be remarkable in some way.

Highlights: Q3 was highlighted by a sheer number of fish caught. Several trips resulted in 100 plus days of fish. Following are the top fish of the quarter. All these fish were caught while fishing with at least one member of BMO.

List of specials caught in Q3

Smallmouth Bass


Copper Rock Fish

Black Rockfish

Quill Back Rockfish

Northern Pike Minnow

Chinook Salmon

Rainbow Trout


Red Side Trout

Cutthroat Trout

Jack King


Golden Lip Sunny

Coho Salmon

Sockeye Salmon

Mountain Whitefish

Best Fish of Q3

Bill Matthews Outdoors
Gabe Miller does it again with this beautiful Puget Sound King!

Honorable Mentions

Bill Matthews Outdoors
Cody Clark with an awesome Olympic Peninsula King!

Bill Matthews Outdoors
Rocky Conroy with an outstanding Deschutes River Steelhead

Bill Matthews Outdoors
Michael Ryan with a big Lake Merwin Kokanee

Best Fish Pictures of Q3 2018

Bill Matthews Outdoors
I love this picture of Tom Sittingdown fishing Crater Lake!

Bill Matthews Outdoors
Pacific City, Oregon Copper caught with Josh Putman

Bill Matthews Outdoors
Great Picture of Michael Matthews with a Columbia River Smallmouth!

Bill Matthews Outdoors
Cool Picture of Rocky Conroy with a Drano Lake King Salmon

Bill Matthews Outdoors
Love the scenery of this picture of Robert Campbell with a Deschutes River Chinook.

Bill Matthews Outdoors
Pacific City Black Rockfish!

Bill Matthews Outdoors
Tenny Mount with a Umpqua River Smallmouth Bass!

Bill Matthews Outdoors
BMO 2018 Q3 fish Board


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