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BMO Top 10, 2021

Updated: Jan 3

2021 was a unique year. Covid 19 hung around all year leading to disruptions on a global scale, but through it all, everyone prevailed and we all made the best of it. We will look back on this year as a roller coaster ride, but at least fishing remained constant. Here's to you 2021, you were a tough one, but there were still lots of bright spots! Here's a list of my top 10 catches for the year!

Bill Matthews Outdoors sturgeon, Bill Matthews Outdoors, Bill Matthews

Willamette River Sturgeon

Strawberry Reservoir Kokanee through the ice

Columbia River Coho on Blue Fox Spinners

Razor Clamming with my boys!

Kayak Smallmouth with my Nephew James

Idaho Steelhead

Bill Matthews Outdoors Bass, Bill Matthews Outdoors, Bill Matthews

Flaming Gorge Smallmouth

Topwater Rockfish, Pacific City Oregon

Kenai King - 50 Plus pound King Salmon released on the Kenai river.

Best catch of the year!!! My new Grandson, Decker, arrived in Feb of 2021!!!!!!



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