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How to make a Columbia River Crawdad

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

The Pacific NW is home to some of the most spectacular Smallmouth Bass fishing in the world. the John Day, Umpqua, Columbia and Willimette Rivers all hold great populations of smallies - as well as many of our lakes and reservoirs.

One of my favorite baits for catching these fish is a tube rigged with a Trokar tube head jig. I rig them with an open hook and I call them Columbia River Crawdads.

Bill Matthews Outdoors
Bill Matthews Outdoors Columbia River Crawdad in Bill's Money Color

My favorite tube for this set up is from Dry Creek. I love their 3 1/2” tournament tube in Bill’s Money ( Yes I am that Bill ) , Old Ugly and Old Ugly with Attitude.

Smallmouth in the PNW just love these baits. I fish them on a slow drift them over rocky/gravely areas anywhere from 10 to 30 feet deep.

Smallies love the BMO Columbia River Crawdad!


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