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Dungeness Crab Wedge Salad

Looking for a great way to serve fresh Dungeness Crab? Try a Dungeness Crab Wedge Salad - It's fresh, easy and delicious!

Here are the Ingredients.

  1. Fresh Dungeness Crab

  2. Iceberg Lettuce (one head makes 4 wedges)

  3. Cherry tomatoes

  4. Hard Boiled Eggs ( one egg per wedge )

  5. Bacon

  6. Avacado

  7. Thousand Island Dressing


1. First, you need some fresh Dungeness Crabs. You can buy them at the store but it is much more fun to take a trip to the coast and catch your own! Clean several crabs and put the meat into the refrigerator. It will take about 1/2 to 1 whole crab per salad depending on how much crab you want to put on it.

2. Cook the bacon and hard boil the eggs.

3. Prepare the ingredients

1. Slice the Iceberg Lettuce into wedges.

2. Slice the tomatoes in halves

3. Slice the avocado into strips

4. Slice the hard boiled eggs into halves.

5. Crumble the bacon

4. Put the toppings on your wedge, add Thousand Island dressing and serve.

Hope you enjoy!!



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