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I love my New Howler Brothers Matagorda Fishing Shirt.

Updated: Jan 3

I picked up the Matagorda Long Sleeve Fishing shirt from Bigfoot Mountain Outfitters late last summer, and it has quickly become my favorite fishing/work shirt. It's lightweight, functional and actually fits me - not too big, not too small. I gave the Matagorda its first workout while fishing and crabbing on the Oregon coast's Siuslaw River with Willamette Valley Outfitters, and the crew from Pautzke. The shirt was super comfortable, functional and looked good enough to go dinner that night without changing.

Howler Bros clothes available at Bigfoot Mountain Outfitters in Ridgefield WA

Crab and Salmon on the Siuslaw River, Oregon. #Bigfootmountainoutfitters

Howler Bros Matadorda shirt layered with the Chisos Fleece Parka was the perfect system for a cold morning and a warm afternoon , a typical fall day in the PNW. You can find both at Bigfoot Mountain Outfitters in Ridgefield, WA.

Here is a video of that trip!

Next stop was a 3 day float down the remote John Day River in central Oregon, and again it proved to be my favorite shirt. I actually wore it the last two days - layered to deal with cool mornings and warm afternoons.

Find Howler Bros clothes at Bigfoot Mountain Outfitters in Ridgefield Washington

From the coast to the desert - the Howlers Bros shirt from Bigfoot Mountain Outfitters kept even me looking good.

Best of all, I love that I can wear these shirts for business too! With a pair of jeans and a pullover I am ready for the office with this shirt!

Mens clothes from Bigfoot Mountain Outfitters

For more information and to find a ton of good stuff visit Bigfoot Mountain Outfitters.


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