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Ice Fishing Strawberry Resevoir

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

My first fish through the Ice - A beautiful Utah Bear Lake Cutthroat!

My first real experience Ice fishing came this week on Strawberry Reservoir in Utah. I was in Salt Lake for some meetings on Friday, and planned to stay until Sunday so we could do some late season Ice fishing.

It was a great learning opportunity for me. I am working with Rapala USA and they have a very strong ice fishing presence with Strike Master, VMC, Suffix and Rapala. I needed to learn about the products and there is no better way than actually getting out on the ice and doing it.

Strawberry Reservoir transportation! 2 snowmobiles and 2 sleds

We got to Strawberry Bay Marina about 8:30am, unloaded the snowmobile and gear, and rented a second snowmobile. We hooked up the sleds to the back of the snowmobiles and headed across the lake to a spot that Kurt knew held fish.

I drilled my first ice hole with the Strike Master Lithium 40V Auger. The ice was about 15" thick and I was shocked at how easily the auger cut through the ice. We drilled several holes, then set up our gear and started fishing.

VMC Tungsten Bullfly Jig with Pautzke Garlic Fire Gel did the trick!

I was using a VMC 1/16oz Tungsten Bullfly Jig in Chartreuse Glow. I coated the jig in some Pautzke Garlic Fire Gel and tipped it with a little grub.

We were using a Marcum flasher to see the fish and it took me a while to figure out how to read it. Once I figured it out it was very cool...I could watch my jig fall to the bottom and could raise or lower it to a fish that appeared on the flasher.

It did not take long before I caught my first fish - a beautiful Bear Lake Cutthroat. After taking a few pics I released it back into the ice hole.

Bear Lake Cutthroat caught on a VMC tungsten jig and Pautzke Garlic Fire Gel.

The bite was never red hot, but it was consistent. Todd, Kurt and I all caught a lot of fish, but the highlight was a beautiful Kokanee that Kurt pulled up through the ice!

Kokanee through the ice!

It was a beautiful March day on the ice - in fact I got a bit sunburned, but it was a welcome change from the dreary weather of the Pacific NW and I thoroughly enjoyed my first ice fishing outing! I will definitely do it again.

I got a little sun at Strawberry Reservoir!

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