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New Rapala X-Rap Magnum Stick

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

The NEW Rapala X-Rap Magnum Stick is now Available in the USA! After testing in Australian waters, the X-Rap Mag Stick is making its debut in the USA. Here is a excerpt from Rapala Australia about the new lure:

"Wanna play with the big dogs? Throw a big stick! The X-Rap® Magnum® Stick 17 is designed for maximum cast distance and has a seductive ‘S’ shaped swimming action, making it a natural for fast and aggressive retrieves. Designed to swim near the surface it is ideal when targeting pelagics feeding near the surface of working the lure over reefs or flats. On the pause, this lure will slowly sink with a fluttering action that will make any saltwater predator salivate.

To make it better, the X-Rap® Magnum® Stick’s scalloped internal reflective construction gives off a life-like flash – even with the slightest motion. The lure’s heavy-duty construction with strong through-wire makes sure this stick won’t crack on you and has been extensively tested in Australian waters on some of the gnarliest predators we could find. The X Rap Mag Stick is available in 12 colors and feature VMC 4X Strong Inline Single Hooks."

X Rap Mag Stick is Available in 12 colors

The Rapala X Rap Magnum Stick features VMC Tin Finish 4X Inline Single Hooks

Video out of Australia on the X Rap Magnum Stick

We tested the new X Rap Mag Stick out of San Diego last summer and the results were amazing. It casts a mile, has a super enticing "S" Curve swimming action, and stoop up to all the abuse we could throw at it. On his first cast Chuck landed this beautiful Yellowtail and the action continued throughout the day! You can read more about that trip HERE.

Capt. Matt & Chuck with a beautiful Yellowtail caught on the X Rap Magnum Stick.

Check with your local retailer to find the NEW X Rap Mag Stick!


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