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October on the Deschutes River,

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Chris & Brian doubled up first thing in the morning with a hatchery steelhead and a small chinook.

The Fall is probably my favorite time of year. The nights are getting cooler, salmon are in the rivers and college football starts. That is most years....this year has been a little weird to say the lease. But even though we are dealing with Covid, and all the changes that has brough about, one thing you can still count on is good steelhead fishing on the beautiful Deschutes River in Oregon.

We met up with good firiend and guide, Forest Foxworthy, at 6:30 am loaded up the boat and headed up the Deschutes. It was a spectacular Fall day, and all in all we hooked 14 steelhead but only landed 4. The best bite was on plugs, but we also caught them on spinners, corkies and even jig and bobber. Here are some pics from the trip.

Forrest with a Deschutes river Rainbow that hit a plug.

I caught this nice native Steelhead and released it unharmed back into the river.

Hatchery Steelhead for dinner tonight!

Another great Fall trip on the beautiful Deschutes River.


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