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Pautzke Fire Gel

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Pautzke Fire Gel
Pautzke Fire Gel

I am a big believer in scent, so when Pautzke Bait Company introduced their new Fire Gel I was excited to get my hands on some and try it out. Pautzke has been a leader in the fishing industry for over 85 years, and most anglers know them for their world famous Green Label Eggs, Egg Cures, Brines and Fire Bait, however, Pautzke was one of the first companies to introduce scent to the fishing world so I was anxious to test out their latest venture into scent products

Pautzke Fire Gel is a thick, sticky type of product, similar to petroleum jelly or lip balm. The gel is easy to manipulate with your finger and apply to any lure. Once applied it stays in place and does not drip off your lure. Pautzke has sourced the best scents to combine with their gel, giving your lure an amazingly realistic scent that can match the food source of the fish, or serve as an attractant in flavors like garlic and anise.

New Pautzke Fire Gel Crawfish Flavor
New Pautzke Fire Gel Crawfish Flavor

The first thing I noticed when I opened a jar of garlic scent is WOW…this is strong!! Pautzke definitely did not skimp on the scent! Just to make sure I examined a few more jars and the crawfish, bass, herring and squid were all just as strong!

I also noticed that each scent comes with its own unique color. Garlic is yellow, herring is blue, trout is pink etc… The color is a great way to identify each scent, and adds a bit of pop to your lure of choice, you can also apply it thin enough that the color is a non factor, while still giving off a powerful scent.

Pautzke Fire Gel Shad Flavor
Pautzke Fire Gel Shad Flavor

One more item of note is that Pautzke Fire Gel comes in a 1.75oz jar, this is great size that will last you for many fishing trips.

Pautzke Fire Gel on a Ned Rig
Pautzke Fire Gel on a Ned Rig

Here are some of the features of Pautzke new Fire Gel

Easy application

Professional strength

Extra strong scent designed for the toughest fishing conditions

Manufactured to work on flies, lures, bait & more

Environmentally friendly

Made in the USA

Keep out of direct sunlight and heat

Available in 17 scents

1.75 OZ jar

Fire Gel comes in 17 fish catching scents

Trout - Anchovy - Squid - Steelhead - Tuna - Anise - Bunker - Herring - Walleye - Bass Mullet - Crappie - Shad - Garlic - Salmon - Crawfish - Shrimp

I can't wait to get out on the water once this quarantine is over and put Pautzke's Fire Gel to the test. I will update you all once I have been able to use it.

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