Summer Kings of Tacoma

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Point Defiance King!

This week I made an early morning run up to Point Defiance to meet my good friend Gabe Miller to see if we could catch a Summer King. Gabe has been fishing the area for the last few weeks and has been catching a lot of fish, so I jumped at the opportunity when he asked if I wanted to go with him.

I left my house at 1:45am and headed north. Gabe met me at the Point Defiance Marina air 4:30. We launched the boat and headed out a little ways and started trolling with a flasher and spoon. After weeding through a few "shaker" fish my rod doubled over and it was on!!! The King put up a great fight and when we had it in the net we were able to confirm that it was a hatchery legal fish! This is my first keeper king of the year! We had a couple more bites, but that was our only fish of the day..more than most caught.

I worked my way back to Camas and got home about 6:00. I did a print of the fish, and then cleaned it and got it ready got the BBQ.

My first salmon print!

I added some grilled vegetables left over from the night before and it was a great way to cook the salmon. I think next time I will add some rice in with it as well.

Grilled veggies on the fresh salmon was awesome

It was another spectacular day in the great Pacific Northwest!


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