Beer, Bass & Bigfoot all in the same day - Only in the Pacific NW!

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

It was another beautiful Spring Day here in the Pacific NW, and I was reviewing my options for this glorious Sunday. As my wife and I had coffee I reviewed my three top options: 1. Razor clamming at Long Beach WA. 2. Spring Skiing at Mt Hood Meadows. 3 Kayak Bass Fishing on the Columbia.

Option 1 & 2 were out because I could not get anyone to go with me, so that left option 3, Kayak Bass Fishing on the Columbia River! After our coffee time, I loaded the Kayak and headed up the Columbia River Gorge. I arrived at the boat ramp in Stevenson, WA. 30 minutes later and launched my Jackson Coosa Kayak.

I paddled out a little way and noticed some Kite boarders - a sure sign that the wind was blowing - and quickly realized that my kayak range was going to be limited due to the

high winds.

I tucked my Coosa into a wind protected cove and started casting a crankbait along the bank. I figured that the day was already a success because I was out on the water, and any fish would be icing on the cake. I worked my way through the first cove, and as I approached the back side of it I felt the strike of a Smallmouth! After a brief fight I landed the little 14” bulldog! Now my Day was complete - how could it get any better! - But it did!!!

I caught one more small fish in the next cove, and paddled back up against the wind to fish the cove one more time. On my first cast I felt the strike and knew it was a big Bronzeback. These Columbia River fish are amazingly strong. My rod was bent under the boat and drag was slipping off the reel. I had already lost one big fish this year, so I

really wanted to land this one. I had changed the hooks on my crainkbait to Trokar treble hooks, and it made a big difference! The fish stayed pinned and I was able to land the 18” beauty!!!

Now my day had gone from great to fantastic! How could it possibly get any better?? - But it did!!!

I fished for another hour or so, and headed back to the boat ramp. I loaded up and was headed out of town. As I drove past the ramp and through the back side of Stevenson, WA., I drove right past Walking

Man Brewery - I hit my brakes, backed up, parked and headed inside for one of their fine craft beers. The place was packed and very festive! If you are ever in Stevenson, I highly recommend stopping by this famous brewery. The atmosphere is great and the beer is amazing!! So now I had two of my favorite things on this day - Bass & Beer!! The day just kept on getting better!

I was feeling great because of my amazing luck on this day and as I walked out of the brewery to get in my truck I walked right into a Bigfoot! I stood in disbelief, how could it

be....Beer, Bass and Bigfoot all in the same day!!! Only in the Pacific Northwest can someone have such an incredible day!!!

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