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Best of the "SUPER LIGHT" grilling beers.

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Rainier Summit is my number one summer grilling beer
Best Summer Grilling Beers

Summer grilling is different than winter grilling in that I like to stay outside as long as possible and enjoy the weather while I am grilling. I tend to slow cook everything, giving myself more time to cook and drink a few beers before I going inside for dinner. A few micro beers can be awesome, but they leave me pretty sluggish on a beautiful summer day, so I prefer drinking ice cold light beer for my summer grilling. I have recently discovered “SUPER LIGHT” beers that are low in both alcohol content and calories. These beers are perfect for summertime grilling. They tase good, go down smooth and are best served ice cold. These beers won't make you feel like you need a nap after dinner, and you can enjoy a night on the deck, or by the fire with a few more beers of your choice.

Here are my 6 favorite "SUPER LIGHT" grilling beers.

#6 Michelob Ultra

summer grilling beers
Yuppy image, but pretty darn good

2.6 Carbs

95 Calories

4.2% Alcohol

I always looked at Michelob Ultra as a ”Yuppy” beer and steered clear of it for fear of appearing to be an in-shape, body conscience carb counter. I recently tried some on a trip to Las Vegas and I actually liked it. Goes down smooth, not too filling and you can drink a few without feeling too full. Available in lots of sizes and configurations, this is my #6 rated summer grilling Beer.

#5 Miller 64

2.4 Carbs

64 Calories

2.8 % Alcohol

I actually love the taste, and the low calories are a big bonus. Goes down smooth and your can drink a few with out feeling overwhelmed. Miller 64 is a good choice if you are looking for a low cal/alchol beer. It is really hard to find in my area, so I had to give it a lower rating.

#4 Corona Premier

2.6 Carbs

90 Calories

4.0% Alcohol

Surprisingly good for a "SUPER LIGHT" beer. Definitely get the Corona taste, just a lighter version of the real thing. This is my beer of choice when grilling shrimp, fish tacos or Carne Asada.

#3 Busch Light ( Latte )

3.2 Carbs

95 Calories

4.1% Alcohol

Perhaps the best bang for the buck out of all these beers. Busch Light does not disappoint. Great taste, low calories and a pretty high alcohol content. Busch Light is definitely a go-to beer for any summer grilling.

# 2 Bud Select 55

summer grilling beers
SUPER LIGHT Bud Select 55

1.8 Carbs

55 Calories

2.4% Alcohol

If you are going to go with a “SUPER LIGHT” beer, why not go all the way with Bud Select 55. Only 55 Calories and a low 2.4% alcohol content, you can drink these like water. Not much taste to these beers, but you don’t have to worry too much about over doing it. Great beer for summertime activities. This is my #2 rated summer grilling beer

# 1 Rainier Summit

Summer Grilling Beers
And the winner is...Rainier Summit!

? Carbs ( But who really cares anyway)

110 Calories

3.8% Alcohol

I live in the Pacific Northwest, so I was excited to hear that Rainier was releasing a new Light Lager this Summer. Rainier Summit bridges the gap between "SUPER LIGHT" beer,

and regular light beer. It has both a low calorie count and low alcohol content, but tastes more like a real beer than the other "SUPER LIGHT" beers. Rainier Summit gets my #1 rating for a "SUPER LIGHT" summer grilling beer.


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