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BMO - KBF Trail Clear Lake III

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Full moon this morning on Clear Lake

Sunday was the final leg of the three day KBF Trail series on Clear Lake. Three separate tournaments on three days. On day one I finished 27th. Day two I moved up to 14th and I was hoping for a top 10 finish today.

I stayed on my same pattern of launching out of Braito's Buckingham Marina and fishing a two mile series got docks that had produced two limits so far.

I had to break down my camp, so I got a later start. I launched about 5:15am. My trolling motor battery was dead, so I would be 100% peddle power today. I got to my fishing spot a little later than usual, but I was in good shape as it was still a little dark out.

I fished the first couple of hours without a single bite, and I was beginning to think that I should have gone to some new water. Just when I was about ready to make a move, I flipped my Senko under a non descriptive dock and felt a "thunk" on the other end. I set the hook on a nice 17.5" Largemouth.

First fish of the day, a nice 17.5" Largemouth

After registering the fish, I worked back over to the dock and cast to the other side of it. As my Senko fell it happened again..."Thunk" and I set the hook on another nice fish. This one turned out to be 18.5". So in the span of 10 minutes I was on the board with two nice fish.

Second fish under the same dock, 18.5"

I left that dock alone and continued working down the lake. I picked up a couple more fish and decided to circle back around to the dock to see if lightning would strike one more time. I pitched up under the dock and it happened again! This time it was a 17.5" fish.

Third fish under the same dock! 17.5"

I continued to work the area, and caught several smaller fish, and lost a really nice one on a swim bait, but could not find another kicker fish.

I ended up with my best limit of all three days: 86.75" but it was only good enough for 17th place. I was happy with that finish, because it was my best limit of the tournament, but I still have a goal of getting into the top 10.

It was a great three days of fishing, and I am looking forward to my next tournament.

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