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Cooking Chicken Teriyaki Dinner on the Grill.

Here is a great idea for your next BBQ. Chicken Teriyaki Dinner cooked entirely on the grill, just add rice!

Chicken Teriyaki, Pot stickers and Broccoli on the grill!

I love my new Island Grilling Stone because it has added so much versatility to my grilling. I wanted to see if I could cook an entire Chicken Teriyaki dinner on the grill utilizing the Island Grilling Stone, and it turned out awesome! Here is how I did it.

Marinade your chicken in Yoshida's Sweet & Savory Marinade and Cooking Sauce.

First, I marinated my boneless, skinless chicken thighs in Mr. Yoshida's sweet and savory marinade and cooking sauce. While the chicken was marinating, I cut up the broccoli and took the potstickers out of the freezer.

I let the chicken marinade for about an hour, and by that time the pot stickers were thawed. Once the chicken was marinated and the pot stickers were thawed I took it all outside and fired up the grill.

Everything ready for the grill!

I heated the grill up to 500 degrees, and left it at that temp for about 15 minutes so the grilling stone would heat up. I put another coat of avocado oil on the grilling stone during the heat up phase. Now that the grill and the stone were at the right temperature, I put the broccoli and potstickers on the stone and seasoned the broccoli with a light coating of avocado oil and Tony Chacheres seasoning . I let all of this cook for about 20 minutes, before I put the chicken on the grill, because I knew it would take longer to cook on the grilling stone than the chicken that would be directly on the grill.

When it looks this good on the grill, you know its going to taste great!

The timing seemed to work out pretty well as the chicken was done about the same time as the broccoli and the potstickers. I took everything off the grill, wrapped it in aluminum foil and took it to the kitchen. I sliced the chicken, and put it on a plate with some rice, broccoli and the potstickers and seasoned the chicken with some Sriracha sauce. That was all it took to turn this simple meal into a delightful dinner! The potstickers were crispy, the broccoli was perfect and the chicken was cooked just right! What a great way to cook a chicken teriyaki dinner!!!

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