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Crazy Good Washington Razor Clam Opener

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Look at all the razor clam holes!

Razor Clamming in Washington State is finally open again. The season has been closed due to Covid19 for the last several months so clam populations have been growing. Washington state announced the openers last week and I knew the numbers would be good, but it was crazy good! Here is a link to the WDFW Clamming seasons: WDFW

Low tide today was at 8:19AM so we left Camas at 5:00am. We were on the beach clamming at 8:00am. If you have never spotted a Razor Clam hole, today was a great day to see them. Here is a video of all the clam holes along the beach in Long Beach, Washington.

Spotting Razor Clams

We were able to get our limits of 15 clams per person in about 20 minutes. David was using a clam gun and I was using a shovel.

Beautiful "Shows"

Today was a great day for spotting Razor Clams - it is not often that the "shows" are so pronounced!

We both got beautiful limits ( 15 per person ) of Razor Clams in about 30 minutes or less.

Great times with Uncle David at the clamming grounds!

We got back home around 1:00, and I cleaned my limit of clams...we will cook them up tomorrow night and I will do a blog post about how to cook razor clams.

Here is additional info on catching, cleaning and cooking Razor Clams

Catching Razor Clams!

How to clean a Razor Clam.

Here is a link for cooking razor clams: Anns Razor Clam Recipe


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