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Fishing for Fossils in Kemmerer, WY

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Bill Matthews Outdoors
Mason Triplett with a beautiful Kemmerer WY fish fossil

Location: Kemmerer, WY USA

Company: Fossil Safari

Date: June 2-3 2019

Rating: 5 bigfoots

I can mark if off the bucket list, I made the journey to Kemmerer, WY to find 50 million year old fish fossils. I have caught a lot of fish in my life, but never a 50 million year old fish…until now.

If you have ever had an interest in finding fossils, or if you find yourself anywhere Kemmerer, WY, do yourself a favor and stop by Fossil Safari and spend a day or two digging in their quarry. It is an awesome experience, and you are almost guaranteed to find at least 1 fossil.

The Basics

* Cost is $100 per day per person for 8 hours of digging

* Check in with George when you get there and he will give you all the info you need to start digging

* Keep what you dig unless you find a rare fossil, in that case you must turn over to the quarry

* Wet saws are provided to cut your fossils to a nice size or shape

* Hammer and Chisel are provided

* Bring plenty of water and food

* Bring a good pair of work gloves

* A folding chair is a good idea

* Wear jeans

* Bring Sunscreen

* Expect to get dirty

* Bring newspaper or bubble wrap and tape to protect your fossils for the drive home

* Bring containers to store your fossils ( I brought a large tote, but I saw several people with milk crates)

Wet Saws are provided for cutting your fossils. Bring some bubble wrap or newspaper and tape to protect your fossils

* We stayed in Kemmerer at the Super 8 - it was clean and quiet.

* It takes about 30 minutes of mostly dirt road driving to get to the quarry from Kemmerer so plan accordingly

* Good Places to eat: Caribou Cafe, Pizza Hut

* Local Grocery: Ridleys Family Market


In two days of digging we found many fish fossils, but the majority of them were only parts of fish, not the whole fish. We brought home over 50 pristine fossils of whole fish or multiple fish on a single plate. I definitely plan on going back and rate this as a must do experience.

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