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Flank Steak Tacos on the Grill

Looking for a simple but fantastic summer time meal that is casual and easy to cook. Try making Flank Steak Tacos on the grill, you won’t need any silverware or plates, just a grill, some condiments and good company!

Here is what you will need

  1. 2lb Flank Steak ( marinade ingredients are up to you)

  2. 4 Bell peppers - Various colors

  3. 2 bunches of green onion

  4. 3 - 4 Guacamoles

  5. Shredded Cheese

  6. Taco Sauce

  7. Hot Sauce

  8. Soft taco Flour Tortillas

  9. slices jalapeños

  10. sliced pepperoncinis

  11. Olive Oil

  12. Slap ya Momma Seasonings

  13. 2 limes

Get everything ready

1. Start with a 2lb Flank Steak - that should be more than enough for 5 or 6 people.

Marinate your steak for at least a couple of hours: I used Worcestershire, Lowerys Season Salt, Pepper and Garlic Salt - but you should marinade to your taste.

2. Prepare the Veggies:

Bell Peppers: Cut up four bell peppers into thick slices. Any color pepper will do but I think a variety of colors is more appealing.

Green Onion: Wash and cut the ends of a couple of bunches of Green Onions

3. Prepare the condiments

Prepare Guacamole, Limes, Shredded Cheese, Taco Sauce, Hot Sauce, sliced jalapeños & pepperonici

It is important to get everything ready before you start, so make sure you have everything done before you start cooking because you will be taking the tacos right off the grill.

Get all the toppings ready before you start grilling

Lets do it!

1. Grill your Flank Steak until is is almost done to your liking. (If you like it well done then cook to medium well)

2. When the Flank steak is done, take off the grill, slice into thin short strips, and wrap in aluminum foil to keep warm.

Take your steak off the grill, slice and wrap in aluminum foil to keep warm.

3. Lightly coat your veggies with olive oil and season with Slap Ya Momma - or seasoning of your chioce and put them on the grill.

Lightly coat your veggies in olive oil and season

4. As the veggies are cooking, add the steak strips back on the grill to reheat and cook a bit more

5. When Veggie are done to your liking, (I like them to have good grill marks on both sides) put a couple of tortillas on the grill and tell your guests to get ready.

Ready for tacos!

6. Once the tortillas are done, take off the grill, add meat and veggies - then head to the condiments table to finish them off

7. Wrap the tortilla and eat by hand - it is super fresh, fun and tastes amazing.

Hope you enjoy!!



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