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Fresh winter steelhead and brussel sprouts on the grill

Fresh winter steelhead combined with brussel sprouts, rice and a great local beer will bring a ray of sunshine into the dark and dreary days of winter in the Pacific NW.



I seasoned my Steelhead fillet with truffle salt, cracked pepper, fresh dill, parsley, sweet onions, butter and lemon.

ingredients used for both the steelhead and the brussel sprouts.

Once prepared, wrap in aluminum foil and perforate the top with a few holes.

Once prepared, wrap the fish in the aluminum foil and perforate the top with a few slits to let some of the steam escape while it is cooking.

Brussel Sprouts

Clean and trim off the stems, then add the left over toppings for the fish ( Onions, Dill, Parsley), drizzle with olive oil and add some Johnny's Seasoning Salt.

Use the left over ingredients from the fish and add some Johnny's to season the brussel sprouts.


I Heat the grill on high for about 20 minutes to get my Island Grill Stone Hot. Once it is heated up I add some olive oil to the top and then put the brussel sprouts on.

Let the brussel sprouts cook for a while before you put the steelhead on the grill.

Once the steelhead is on, close the lid and let it cook for about 20 minutes.

Now is a good time to have a beer!

For tonight I chose a new beer from Barrel Mountain Brewing called Ash Cloud Amber ( I live close to Mt St,. Helens). It was excellent and I will definitely have to go visit their brewery in Battle Ground, WA.

Once the fish is done, serve with wild rice and some good sourdough bread and one more beer for an amazing wintertime dinner!

Steelhead, brussel sprouts, rice, sourdough bread and a good local beer- a great winter dinner in the Pacific NW.

Hope you enjoy!



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