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Truffle Salt Winter Steelhead

Updated: May 15, 2020

Bill Matthews Outdoors Steelhead BBQ

Here is a simple recipe that I love for salmon or steelhead.

The first and most important part of this recipe is to start with a quality piece of fish. You

Bill Matthews Outdoors Steelhead

will never get a farm raised fish

to taste as good as a wild caught one, and it is even better if you can catch and prepare your own - always better than store bought.

The fish we used on this recipie was caught earlier on the same day!


1. Truffle Salt

2. Lime flavored olive oil

3. 1 Lime

4. Cracked Pepper

First I clean and prepare the fillet, and place on an aluminum foil tray.

Second, sprinkle truffle salt over the entire fillet. I am pretty generous with the salt, but you do not want to overdo it.

Third, drizzle lime flavored olive oil over the fillet.

Fourth, Squeeze an entire lime over the fillet

Fifth, sprinkle cracked pepper over the entire fillet. I do not use too much, but pepper to your liking.

Bill Matthews Outdoors cooking steelhead

Keep the fillet in the aluminum trey, and place on the grill. I use a Green Mountain

pellet grill set at 325 degrees. If you do not have a pellet grill, consider adding some smoke to your regular grill or cooking on a cedar plank.

Cook until the meat flakes off easily and serve with wild rice and salad.

Want to try the recipe at home? Click HERE Go to the BMO STORE to get the ingredients.


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