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How to rig the NEW Luhr Jensen Whole Bait Head.

The New Whole Bait Head from Luhr Jensen creates the perfect "roll" action when trolled behind your favorite flasher. Made to fit anchovys or small herring, the whole bait head comes with a pre drilled hole (with peg included) that will allow you to peg your bait and keep it secure. Oversized 3D holographic eyes combined with the wounded baitfish roll makes this a great presentation!

How to Rig the Luhr Jensen Whole Bait Head

Use with VMC Tech Set Live Bait hooks to improve your hook up ratio.

Available in 7 colors:Fish Candy UV Chartreuse, Crystal Clear UV, Fish Candy UV Blue, Fish Candy UV Purple, Chrome Blue, Chartreuse Glow & Lucky Charm


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