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I love my new Bigfoot Statue!

I found the perfect Bigfoot statue for my mantle! There are lost of Bigfoot/Sasquatch statues out there, but not all of them hit the mark for a true representation of this Pacific Northwest Icon. Bigfoot Mountain Outfitters is stocking one that is absolutely perfect!

Perfect Bigfoot Statue/Figurine!

New Bigfoot Statue/Figurine available a Bigfoot Mountain Outfitters

As you may know I am a huge Bigfoot enthusiast, and am always looking for a good one for my office. When I walked into Bigfoot Mountain Outfitters I immediately spotted this one - I have a keen eye for Bigfoot. I knew it would be the perfect addition for my office. Measuring 13" tall, and weighing in at over 2lbs, this resin statue captures the look and feel of a wild Pacific Northwest Bigfoot!!

Bigfoot statue for your office

My new Bigfoot looks Great in my office!

These are now available at Bigfoot Mountain Outfitters in Ridgefield, WA and on-line at their website.


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