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BMO put the New Rapala Rain Pro Rainwear to the test - and it was amazing!

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Rapala Rain Pro Rainwear

Rapala Rain Pro Rainwear performs as good as it looks!

This past spring, Rapala introduced a new line of rainwear called Rain and Rain Pro. I ordered a set of the Rain Pro as soon as they were available, and have put it to the test over the past few months. The Rapala Rain Pro bibs and Jacket are great looking, affordable (Jacket and Bibs retail for $199 each) and have stood up to all harshest conditions I could put them through.

First things first, the Rapala Rain Pro Bibs and Jacket look great. The gray on gray is a sharp look thats not too flashy. The Rain Pro fit is to size - if you are a large, get a large.

Here is the low down on the materials used in the Rain-Pro for all you technical people out there:


    • 3-Layer Construction Offers Comfort, Durability and Ultimate Protection

    • Shell -100% Nylon Ripstop Taslan/100% Nylon Honey Taslan. Ripstop Shell Weave Strengthens the Fabric and Prevents Tears

    • Waterproof/Breathable (8000mm)

    • Taped Sealed Seams

    • Premium YKK Zippers

    • Reflective Rapala Logos

Bottom line, it’s a quality build that absolutely keeps you dry in the harshest of conditions. If you want more information on the specs you can link to a blog post by Rapala HERE.

Now on to the extras that make this rain suit so great.

The Jacket

Magnetic closures, perfectly placed pockets and a very functional hood are details that make the Rapala Rain Pro a great product!

Magnetic Closure: The magnetic closure on the jacket is awesome. Once you zip up the jacket, just flip the front cover over and it clicks into place with the embedded magnets - very cool!

Zippered Chest Pocket: The zippered chest pocket is a great place to put your phone or glasses, and includes an attached microfiber cloth for cleaning your screen or lenses.

More Pockets: The two outer hand pockets are lined , have zippers and are placed perfectly for fishermen.

The Hood: The hood and high collar are awesome for fast boat rides in bad weather. You can scrunch down the hood and zip up the collar so that it will keep you completely protected from the elements at 50 MPH.

Rapala Rain Pro Rainwear

I love how you can use the high collar and the hood for protection when running across the water.

The Bibs

Wide Leg openings, magnetic closures and easy suspender adjustments!

Easy to get on: the number one feature for me is that they are easy to get off and on. The zippers on the sides go all the way to the knee making it easy to get your boots through the bibs - this is a huge bonus!

Adjustable suspenders: The adjustable clips on the suspenders are another great feature. These clips make it super easy to adjust the suspenders to your size.

Pockets: The chest pockets are lined and perfectly placed, and the cargo pockets on the legs are roomy enough for all kinds of gear

Magnetic Closure: The magnetic closure on the bibs are great, just like the jacket!

You can definitely tell the Rapala Rain Pro was built by fishermen for fishermen!

Putting the Rain Pro to the Test:

Test one: Spring smallmouth fishing on Flaming Gorge Reservoir

We stayed dry and warm for 3 days on Flaming Gorge Reservoir

My first test on the Rapala Rain Pro was late May on Flaming Gorge Reservoir near the Utah, Wyoming boarder. You can read more about that trip HERE. I was s

Smallmouth Bass fishing with Todd Bruner and Rick White and the conditions were less than ideal, but perfect for testing out the Rain Pro. For three days we dealt with intermittent storms that would produce high winds and torrential rain for 30 minutes, then the sky would break and we would see the sun - typical spring weather in the west. Through all of this both Todd and I remained dry and comfortable the entire time. I especially loved how I could pull the drawstrings on the hood for total protection while going 50 MPH across the lake. My first impression with the rain pro was great, but I still wanted to test it more.

Test two: Pacific City, Oregon

Rapala Rainwear

Pacific City Oregon was no match for the Rapala Rain Pro!

Next stop..Pacific City Oregon. It was late June and I went to Pacific City, Oregon to fish out of a Dory boat with guide Josh Putman. You can read more about that trip HERE. The weather was foggy and cool in the morning. We had to bust out across the breakers to get to the fishing grounds, and I stayed dry as a bone throughout the morning. When the sun came out I peeled off the jacket and fished comfortably in the bibs the rest of the day. This was not the harshest test for dryness, but it was for durability and comfort. We caught a ton of fish, and there were a lot of bumps in the ocean, causing me to slide all around the boat. I stayed dry and comfortable the whole day and had no rips or tears in the bibs or jacket.

Test 3: Alaska

Rapala Rain Pro Rainwear

The Ultimate test - Alaska rain for 3 solid days, and we never got wet!

Next stop - Soldotna Alaska. I went to Alaska in early July with my good friend Dave Eng. You can read more about that trip HERE. This was the ultimate test for the Rapala Rain Pro. We fished out of Jet boats, Drift Boats and off the bank for thee days and it rained the entire time. From morning till night the rain never stopped and we both stayed dry the entire time. Now to be fair, we did have waders on much of the time instead of the bibs, but the jacket never let one drop of water in. I have fished in Alaska many times in similar conditions, and I can say with confidence that the Rapala Rain Pro kept me dryer than any other jacket I have ever worn.

I am a believer in Rapala Rain Pro!

Bottom Line: I am in love with the Rapala Rain Pro - It is comfortable, affordable, sharp looking and most of all it keeps you dry in the harshest conditions!



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