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Salmon & Smallmouth in the same day!

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Dan Radkee with a Smallmouth and a Chinook!

This week I fished with Dan Radkee of Big rock Sports and Eric Chaney from Eagle Claw on the Columbia River near the mouth of the Deschutes river. We were hover fishing for Chinook Salmon, and had a secondary plan of chasing Smallmouth if we got our limit of salmon early. As luck would have it, we got our limit of salmon pretty early, so we had plenty of time to go chase Smallmouth. It was an incredible day of catching both Chinook salmon and Smallmouth Bass.

Eric Chaney with his first Columbia River Chinook!

We started the day hover fishing the mouth of the Deschutes. it did not take long to get our limit of beautiful, strong salmon.

Bill Matthews Outdoors

I got in on the action with this nice Chinook!

After we got our limit, we broke out the bass gear and chased Smallmouth on the Columbia.

Bill Matthews Outdoors

Chunky Columbia River Smallmouth!

The Smallmouth bite was incredible, we caught well over 30 fish, with several in the two to three sound class. Most of the bite was on soft plastics, but we were able to catch a few on topwater as well.

Another great day of fishing in the great Pacific Northwest!


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