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New Vitaloop Water Filtration Bottle

Updated: Jun 4

Taking personal water filtration to a new level!

Vitaloop Multi Stage Water Filtration Bottle


I own several water filtration products that I keep in my emerengcy box along with flashlights, batteries, candles etc... They are all very effective and work great, but they are not something that I would carry with me for travel, fishing or use in non emergency situations . I recently came across a new water filtration bottle from a company called Vitaloop that looks great, is easy to use and so convenient that I am going to make it a staple in my truck, kayak and travel bag.

I had opportunity to try out the Vitaloop bottle on a kayak fishing trip - you can see the video below. The bottle was super easy to use, and provided me all the clean drinking water I needed. I will still pack water with me, but having the Vitaloop bottle ensures that no matter how long the day is, I will always have access to additional clean drinking water. Outside of fishing, it will be great for hotel rooms, travel, or just being out with no clean place to fill my water bottle. I would say that the new multi stage water filtration bottle from Vitaloop is a game changer for convenient filtered drinking water, all at the touch of a button.

Click Here to buy the Vitaloop Water Filtration bottle from Bigfoot Mountain Outfitters for $190.00

You can fill the bottle with water from almost any source, push the button and in about a minute you have 16oz of drinkable water. The Vitaloop bottle filters out 99.9% of Bacteria & Protozoa, as well as Chemicals and Heavy metals while improving the taste!

The Vitaloop Water Filtration bottle is built for extreme conditions, but it is also perfect for everyday use. Whether you are hiking in the wilderness, or simply don't like drinking from a water faucet, hose or tap, use the Vitaloop bottle for safe clean drinking water.

Here is a video of me using the bottle on the Columbia River while fishing out of my Kayak.

Using the Vitaloop Bottle to filter water in the Columbia River.

Here is an overview of the filtration system

Vitaloop Water Filtration Bottle

The Vitaloop Water Filtration bottle is convenient, looks great and works! It will help to ensure that you always have access to clean filtered water. The Vitaloop system filters out 99.9% of Bacteria & Protozoa, as well as Chemicals and Heavy metals while improving the taste!

Vitaloop Water Filtration Bottle

 The Vitaloop Multi Stage Water Filtration bottle is a must have to keep in your truck, boat, kayak and travel bag! Available NOW at Bigfoot Mountain Outfitters!


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