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VMC Quik Strike Stinger Hooks for Walleye

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

The new Quik Strike Techset Single Trail hooks made a Walleye believer out of me.

I recently went out on a trip to target Walleye on the Columbia River. It was the perfect opportunity to try out the new VMC Quik Strike Trailer Single Hooks to see how they would perform. We would be jigging with 1oz jigs in deep water, using the VMC Quik Strike Trailers hooks.

The Rig:

The VMC Quik Strike Trailer starts with a # 4 VMC Techset Live Bait (Octopus) Hook. I love the design of these hooks. They have a great offset, a deep "Techset" " bend and have a super sharp needle point. Using this premium hook is a huge benefit to the rig.

2" Red VMC Quik Strike Trailer Hook

The hook is tied with 12 pound Sufix Florocarbon line and then attached to connector link. The connector link is then inserted into the unique VMC Crossover Cap.

The VMC Quik Strike Trailer Single Hooks are available in either red or black, and come in both 2" and 3" lengths.


2" Quik Strike Techset Trailer Hook rigged on a 1 oz VMC Moon Eye Jig

The Crossover Cap allows you to easily slip the rig over the point of your jig hook and slide into the bend of the hook. It is a simple, secure and super effective way to rig a stinger hook to your jig.

Once attached to the hook, pin the front of your worm to the jig, and the back to the Quik Strike Techset for a presentation that is deadly.

Here's how I rigged mine using a night crawler

I used a red, 2" version for fishing, and almost every walleye I caught was hooked right in the mouth with only the stinger hook. It was deadly effective.

The VMC Quik Strike Trailer hook made a believer out of me! I am excited to see what other applications I can find for this unique and effective rig.

VMC Quik Strike Trailer hooks are also available in trebles. For more information of the VMC Quik Strike Techset Trailer hooks click HERE.


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