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Walleye Tacos with Citrus Cilantro Slaw and Sweet & Spicy Chipotle Sauce

Here is a great recipe for Walleye Tacos.

Step 1. Catch some Walleye!

The first step in making Walleye Tacos is to have some fresh Walleye. We caught these near The Dalles, Oregon on Sunday and made Tacos on Monday.

Step 2 Prepare the Walleye.

1. Clean and prepare your walleye fillets into taco size pieces. I like to trim as much of the red meat off as possible, leaving only clean beautiful meat.

2. Dip the pieces into an egg /milk and bath and coat throughly.

3. Remove from egg/milk bath and drop into a bag of Pride of the West Batter Mix. Shake well until the fillets are completely coated. Remove from the bag and place on a pan

4. Once all the fillets are coated, sprinkle with Tony Chachere Creole seasoning or seasoning of your choice.

Step 3 Make the Citrus Cilantro Slaw

Ingredients: Classic Coleslaw, Fresh Cilantro, Lime, Salt, Pineapple Juice

Mix 2 TBL Spoons of Lime, 1/2 cup chopped cilantro,

2 TBL Spoons of pineapple juice with the coleslaw - add salt to taste.

Mix together for a beautiful and tasty topping!

Step 4: Make the Sweet & Spicy Chipotles Taco Sauce


1 TBL Spoon of Chipotles in Adobo sauce, 1 TBL Spoon of honey and 1/2 cup mayo

Mix together for a sweet and spicy taco sauce.

Step 5: Cook the Walleye

I use avocado oil to cook my walleye. It is healthier than regular oil and has a higher flash point.

Step 6: Make your walleye tacos.

Set out all the walleye and the toppings, and make your taco

Step 7: Enjoy!


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