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Fishing the New VMC Redline Drop Shot Hooks

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

VMC Redline Drop Shot Hooks
VMC Redline Drop Shot hooks are amazing!

VMC introduced a new series of hooks called the VMC Redline Series at the Bassmaster Classic this past March. Designed and endorsed by some of the best bass anglers in the world, the Redline Series has set a new standard for hooks and is definitely my new favorite drop shot hook!

VMC redline Hooks are built with extra-light, extra-strength VMC Vanadium® Steel -- the same material they use to make Formula One race cars and coated with ultra-smooth P.T.F.E. to reduce friction on hook sets. VMC has incorporated their unique compressed Needle Point design on all Redline series hooks.

In addition to having the best steel, PTFE coating, super sharp point point and a max barb, each hook in the series is specifically designed to be the best in its category with addition features added in.

This past weekend I finally had the chance to fish the new Redline Drop Shot hook, and I was extremely impressed. On first glance at the hook you notice the package that they come in. VMC has developed a new Hook-Lok system for Redline that keeps your hooks super organized and makes them easy to find in your tackle box. The hook size is printed right on the Hook-Lok system, and getting the right size hooks out of your box is as easy grabbing a lure. This feature alone is a game changer, but these hooks have a lot more to offer than just the crazy cool packaging.

VMC Redline Hook-Lok System
The unique VMC Redline Hook-Lok system makes it easy to find the right hook!

The next feature that stands out is the gray color - that is the super slick PTFE coating that gives the hooks this unique color. The PTFE coating adds a smooth finish to the hooks so there is almost zero friction when setting the hook. I also noticed a small dab of epoxy coating at the base of the eye that seals the eye to the shank, preventing any gap - that is a nice touch!

VMC redline unique Hook-Lok system
VMC Redline Drop Shot Hooks - Super Sharp, Super Strong, Super Slick and Super Organized!

The hooks perform as well as advertised. I worked a two mile section of the Columbia River in my Kayak - catching most of my fish on hard baits in about 5 - 6 feet of water, but whenever I came upon a deep ledge I would work a droshot set up rigged with a Dry Creek 5" Ripple Worm in Bill's Money color, coated with some Pautzke Crawfish Fire Gel, and the VMC #2 Redline Drop Shot hook. I caught several nice smallmouth, and did not miss any. Every single one was absolutely pinned the second I set the hook. The thing I noticed was how hard there were to unhook - the Redline Drop Shot hook was so wedged in there with its super sharp point and max barb that I had to use pliers to get most of the hooks out!

Fish, after fish, after fish - all pinned on the new VMC Redline Drop Shot hook!

I am a believer in the new VMC Redline Drop shot hook - Can't wait to put the other Redline styles to the test


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