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The New VMC Open Eye Swivel is a Game Changer!

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

The new open eye swivel from VMC is a game changer for rigging lures. In the Pacific NW we switch out a lot of treble hooks for single siwash hooks. This is due to regulation and in certain situations I believe a single hook is more efficient than a treble hook. The New Open Eye Swivel from VMC makes changing out hooks much easier, and improves the performance of the lure.

Here are pictures and specs of the VMC Open Eye Swivel.

The VMC Open Eye Swivel has an "open eye" on one end. This allows you to place it over a welded or standard split ring, or directly to a spinner. Once over the ring, simply squeeze shut with a pair of pliers.

Sizes available on the VMC open eye swivel with pound test ratings

Rigging the VMC Open Eye Swivel

Here is how I rigged the Open Eye Swivel and the New VMC 7174 Techset Open Eye Siwash hooks on Storm Magnum Wiggle Warts.

I used a size 6 VMC open eye swivel - 29# test

1. Remove the treble hooks from the Mag Wiggle Wart

2. Place open eye swivel over the split ring

3. Close the eye with a pair of pliers

I used a 3/0 or 4/0 VMC 7174BN Techset Siwash hook

4. Loop the VMC 7174 open eye siwash hook through the swivel.

5. Close the open eye on the VMC 7174 Siwash hook.

6. You are ready to fish.

I used a size 6 VMC Open Eye Swivel and a 2/0 VMC 7174BN Open Eye Siwash Hook

  1. Remove the treble (I cut the eye off with a pair of pliers)

  2. Put the open eye of the swivel through the ring on the Vibrax, and the open eye of the hook through the closed eye of the swivel

  3. Close the eye on the swivel and the eye on the hook with a pair of pliers.

Putting the VMC Open Eye Swivel to the test.

We put the swivels and hooks to the test fishing for steelhead on the Clearwater River in Idaho. Fishing with guide Jeff Aldrich of Reel Time Fishing we landed 14 big steelhead, with the biggest being over 20 pounds. The hook up ratio was incredible and the size 6 (29 pound test) swivel help up great for all the fish!

Storm Magnum Wiggle Wart Rigged with the VMC Open Eye Swivel and VMC 7174 Techset Siwash Hook worked great for big Idaho Steelhead.

14 fish landed on the Storm Mag Wart rigged with VMC Open Eye Siwash, 7174 Techset Siwash Hook and Pautzke Steelhead Fire Gel.

I landed my 1st 20 pound steelhead on this set up!

20 Pound Clearwater Steelhead landed on a Storm Mag Wart, VMC open Eye Swivel and 7174 Techset Siwash hook!

Look for the new VMC Open Eye Swivels and 7174 Techset Open Eye Siwash hooks at a retailer near you.

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