Updated: May 15, 2020

This is one of my Fall favorites.


5-6 large sweet onions ( I use Walla-Walla Sweets but any sweet white onion will do )

1 Stick of butter

1 six pack of beer ( Your Choice )

14 Brats

1 Extra large cast iron Skillet. ( Does not have to be cast iron, but I like them)

The first step is to slice up five or six large Walla Walla Sweet Onions. Slice them thick because the will really cook down. Melt a stick of butter in your skillet and add the onions.

At this point you will have a mound of onions in your skillet. Don’t worry they will cook down. Cook the onions on med-high until they are browned up and soft.

Once the onions are cooked down, add up to a six pack of beer to the onions, don’t over fill because you still have to add the brats. bring the onion and beer mix to a boil

Once the beer & onion mix is at a boil, add brats. Bring back to a boil, then turn down

the heat and let the brats simmer with the beer & onions until they are cooked throughly.

Once cooked, place on the BBQ to brown them up.

Strain the onions out of the beer and place in a bowl.

Serve up Brats on a bun, smother in onions, and condiments of your choice!



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