BMO Q1 2018 Quarterly Results

Updated: May 16, 2020

At 91 total fish caught, BMO was up substantially over Q1 2017. Net results on both size and variety of fish was up almost 25% over the previous year. Q1 fishing in the Pacific NW has fewer opportunities, but there are still plenty of fish to be caught. Please see the BMO Q1 fish Board at the bottom of this post for complete results.

Highlights: Q1 was highlighted by a vast variety of good fish being caught and a plethora of different locations throughout the Pacific NW. Following are the top fish of the quarter. All these fish were caught while fishing with at least one member of BMO.

Best Fish of Q1 2018:

Beautiful Washington State Winter Steelhead!

15# Winter Steelhead, Bill Matthews, Quinault River, WA

Honorable Mentions:

Rob with a nice Oregon Ling Cod!

Honorable Mention #1

Ling Cod, Rob Huson,

Pacific City, OR

Honorable Mention #2

9# Winter Steelhead, Kelly Reichner, Clackamas River, OR

Honorable Mention #3

17” Brown Trout, Michael Matthews, Rock Creek Montana

Best Fish Picture BMO Q1, 2018

Can't Get enough of this picture - Snow on the ground - Trout in hand! Michael Matthews - somewhere in Western Montana

Coolest Fish Q1, 2018:

Look at the amazing color on this fish! Vermilion, Ron Bowman, Pacific City, Oregon

Here are the full results for BMO Q1 2018



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