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Updated: Jan 16

Here are the BMO top 10 catches for 2023!


Bill Matthews Outdoors Mexico

Mexican Hog Fish

This Mexican Hog Fish was caught in the surf., while on vacation near Loreto, Mexico. This unique fish was a first for BMO! Caught on a VMC Hybrid Swimsuit jig head attached to a Storm Largo Shad.


Bill Matthews Outdoors Coho,  Olympic Peninsula Salman

Olympic Peninsula Coho

This beautiful Coho was caught in November on the Quinault River on the Olympic Peninsula. It hammered an old Norman Lures Sandshrimp lure. I love the classic Coho "hooked" nose. This was the Coho I was looking for to make a good fish print! You can read more about this trip HERE.


Bill Matthews Outdoors Alaska Rainbow Trout

Kenai River Rainbow Trout

This Trout was caught with good friend and guide Mike Fenton on the Kenai River in Alaska. The temperature on this late October day was 11 degrees. This is one of my favorite fisheries in the world, and even though this was not the giant we were looking for, it is still a beautiful wild Alaska trout!


Bill Matthews Outdoors Salmon, Bill Matthews Outdoors, Bill Matthews

Puget Sounds Kings

These nice summer Kings were caught with good friend Gabe Miller in South Puget Sound. We were on the water at daylight, and the bite was fantastic. Always a good day when fishing with Gabe!


Bill Matthews Outdoors Smallmouth Bass

Columbia River Smallmouth

This fish was caught on the Columbia River near The Dalles on a late fall morning. The topwater bite on this day was absolutely amazing. I caught over 20 nice smallmouth all on topwater. The sun rising behind this fish made for a great picture.


Bill Matthews Outdoors King Salmon, Bill Matthews Outdoors, Bill Matthews

Siuslaw River King

This King Salmon was caught on the Siuslaw River in Oregon with the Pautzke team. it was an absolutely amazing day of King fishing. We limited the boat in less than an hours on huge Kings. Fishing with Chris Shaffer of Pautzke Bait and several of the guys from the factory.


Bill Matthews outdoors Squid Jigging

Seattle Squid!

I finally got to take squid jigging off my bucket list! I had a great day with some fellow kayakers at Redondo Beach WA! Thanks to Brad Hole of @kayakfishingwashington for setting this up!! The Calamari was awesome too! You can read more about this trip HERE.


Bill Matthews Outdoors John Day River

John Day Smallmouth Bass

Incredible Fall trip on the John Day River with my son, Michael, my brother ,Pat, my brother in law, Andy and his son Alex. This is a picture of my brother Pat and my son Michael with one of many smallmouth that we caught. It was an epic 3 day float/hunt and memories for a lifetime were made! You can read more about the trip HERE.


Bill Matthews Outdoors Pacific City Orcas

Fishing with Orcas at Pacific City, Oregon

This was one of the most amazing fishing experiences of my life. While bottom fishing out of Pacific City with guide Josh Putman, a pod of Orcas swam right by our boat. It was a once on a lifetime experience. You can read more about this experience HERE.


Bill Matthews Outdoors Columbia River Salmon

Columbia River Kings

Fishing with my wife , Ann, and her 3 managers from Arktana on the Columbia River. My wife caught her first King Salmon, and all the ladies of Arktana got fish too. It was wonderful to share this day with my favorite person in the world and rates as my number one fishing memory of 2023!


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