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Go for the "Krill" on November Coho with Pautzke FireGel

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Bill Matthews Outdoors November Coho Pautzke fire gel

Fall Coho love Pautzke Krill FireGel!

November can be one of the best months to fish for coho in the rivers around the Pacific Northwest. Casting spinners and plugs to coho is my favorite ways to fish for them, and why I love this fishery so much. There is nothing like having a big coho crush a Blue Fox Vibrax spinner! Adding scent to my lures makes a big difference for these fish, and Pautzke Fire Gel in Krill flavor is my #1 choice of scent for fall coho.

My go to lures for coho have always been a #5 Blue Fox Vibrax spinner, Storm Wiggle Warts and the old Norman Sandshrimp. These lures are great for fall coho, but most scents will not adhere well to these lures. FireGel will stick to these lures, not affect the action and puts out a powerful krill scent that salmon love.

Pautzke Krill products

Pautzke is famous for their Krill scent products like Fire Power and Liquid Krill

Pautzke is famous for their Krill scent products, they were the first fishing tackle company to manufacture krill based scents. Products like Pautzke Liquid Krill and Fire Powder are staples in the Pacific NW. Pautzke Krill scented FireGel is no exception - it is made to the same exacting standards that Pautzke is famous for, and it is the perfect scent application when casting lures for coho.

On a recent trip to the Olympic Peninsula, the coho were absolutely crushing my #5 Blue Fox Vibrax spinner that was coated with Pautzke FireGel in Krill scent. The Pautzke Krill scent seems to be the X factor in getting these fish to bite. I add a dab to the back of the blade and the body of the lure to give me an added advantage and it paid off with big beautiful coho!

Blue Fox Vibrax coho, Bill Matthews Outdoors

This Coho crushed my Blue Fox spinner -

Notice the Pautzke FireGel on the back of the blade!

On wiggle warts and other plugs I put a thin coating over the entire lure. You only need to re-apply every 30 minutes to an hour - FireGel sticks to the lure and continues to put out scent.

Pautzke Fire Gel Krill, Norman Sandshrimp Lure

Add a dab of Pautzke FireGel in the Krill scent to coat your favorite lure!

Pick up a jar of Pautzke Krill FireGel at your favorite local retailer for your next trip.

Bill Matthews Outdoors November Coho Pautzke Fire Gel

Coho go for the KRILL!


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