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Cold Smoked Cheese

Updated: May 15, 2020

Bill Matthews Outdoors Smoked Cheese

Here is a quick “How To” on how I cold smoke cheese. It is pretty simple, and the end result is delicious.

1. Buy a couple blocks of cheese - don’t skimp and buy the cheap stuff - you will be happier if you spend a few extra bucks and get a quality cheese. For this session I chose a large block of Tillamook Cheddar and a small block of Tillamook Monterey Jack. I also threw in some Almonds just to see how they would turn out.

2. Cut the block of cheese into portions. You can see the size I cut mine into, but it is totally up to you. I like to have a portion big enough for a nice appetizer.

Bill Matthews Outdoors Smoked Cheese

3. I use a product called: A-MAZE-N OVAL EXPANDING TUBE SMOKER This tube will provide the source of cold smoke for the cheese. I simply fill up the tube with the pellets that I use on my Green Mountain grill. Light and let burn for 10 minutes, then blow out the flame and it will smoke for a good 2 hours.

Bill Matthews Outdoors Smoked Cheese

4. I use a Green Mountain Pellet Grill, but I am pretty sure any grill will work for this project. Place the cheese on a grate or mat inside the grill. Close the lid and let smoke for 2 hours.

5. After 2 hours, remove the cheese, let it cool and then vacuum seal each piece and place in refrigerator for two weeks to let the smoke soak into the cheese.

After two weeks, take out and serve up as an appetizer!


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