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Fish Fry Challenge

Updated: May 15, 2020

Bill Matthews Outdoors Fish Fry

The BMO staff hit the lake this past Sunday to catch some Crappie and Perch for a fish fry. We were able to land 13 crappie and 19 nice perch, more than enough for a small fish fry. The purpose of this fish fry was to compare which batter mix we prefer: Cornmeal or “Pride of the West all purpose batter”

Bill Matthews Outdoors Fish Fry

I have always been partial to cornmeal, but the rest of the crew swears by “Pride of the West”

We filleted the fish, rinsed them clean and I prepared the batter. For this test we would cook half in cornmeal and half in “Pride of the West”. I prepared and egg and milk dip for the fish, and filled one zip lock bag with cornmeal and the other with Pride of the west. I then added a

generous dose of Alpine Touch seasonings to each bag.

After soaking the fillets in the egg/milk mixture, I split them up evenly in the two ziplock bags, shook them to get them coated and placed them on paper towels - ready for the frying pan!

We cooked them all up to a golden brown and everyone got to sample fish cooked in each batter.

Although everyone liked both batter mixes, the hands down winner ( I even voted for it) was “Pride of the West”. It was a bit lighter and I believe added more flavor the the fish.

Bill Matthews Outdoors Fish Fry

So the argument has been settled - for now. comment below if you have other batter mixes that you think are better, we would love to try them!


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