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Grilled Kokanee

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Kokanee, the land locked cousin of Sockeye Salmon, is one of the best eating fish on the planet. Small in size but big on taste, these fish make a great dinner. Here is how I cooked mine last night

Kokanee are a great eating fish!


Kokanee FIllets

Lime Olive Oil

Truffle Salt


Sweet Onion


Prepare your fillets for the grill


Fillet all your Kokanee and remove the rib bones

Place fillets on an aluminum foil tray

Sprinkle with truffle salt and pepper

drip lime olive oil over the fillets

Sprinkle Dill over all the fillets

Add cut sweet onions

Place on the grill and lightly cover with an additional sheet of foil.

Cook till the meat flakes up easily

Cook till done and serve with wild rice and salad


Serve with wild rice and a green salad.



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