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NEW! Pautzke Crappie Fire Balls

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

NEW!! Pautzke Crappie Fire Balls!

Pautzke Bait Company has a new "Mini" size Fire Ball made for Crappie and they work!

The New Crappie Fire Balls disperse a strong crappie and panfish attracting scent into the water triggering more bites with each cast. The scientists at Pautzke have perfected these crappie fire balls to disperse 10x more scent into the water than traditional dough baits and drive fish crazy!

Great Video from Pautzke on the NEW Crappie Fire Balls

I recently had the opportunity to try them out on some October Crappie here in Western Washington.

The vibrant color and strong scent attract fish, plus it stays on the hook longer!

I fished a pink/white mini jig about 24 inches under a bobber. I tipped my mini-Jig with a chartreuse/garlic Crappie Fire Ball and I caught my limit in no time. In fact, I culled many of my smaller keepers out and only kept the ones over 10". I also caught several jumbo perch and a few nice bluegill! I love the way the fireballs stay on the hook. Unlike traditional dough bait, my Crappie Fire Ball would last through several casts and even a few fish before having to change it out.

Pautzke Crappie Fire balls are available in 5 flavors: Blue Shad, Pink Shad, Chartreuse Garlic, Gold Garlic and Orange Garlic. Pick some up at your local retailer for your next crappie outing!

Pautzke Crappie Fire Balls are available in 5 fish catching colors/scents


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