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BMO Walleye Sandwich

It's Walleye season, and we are cooking it as fast as we catch it! Here is one of my all time favorite ways to serve Walleye: the BMO Walleye Sandwich!

Here is how I make the BMO Walleye Sandwich

The Walleye:

First you need to get out and catch some Walleye. March is a great month in the Pacific Northwest to fill your freezer with Walleye fillets. To make a good Walleye Sandwich, choose some fillets that are the same size as the bread or bun you plan on using.

Prepare the Fillet:

Soak the fillets in an egg & milk wash, then shake in a bag of Pride of the West and coat it throughout. I add Slap YA Mama Cajon Seasoning to the mix to give my sandwich a spicy kick.

Use Pride of the West, Slap Ya Mama, and and egg/milk bath to coat your fillets

Coat throughly and sprinkle a little more Slap Ya Mama on top

Cook the Fillets

I fry the fillets in avocado oil until the fillets are firm,

and have a beautiful golden color.

The Sandwich.

Make the sandwich!

  1. I use Sourdough bread. A hoagie roll is just too much bread for me, and I love Sourdough, so it is my bread of choice.

  2. Add mayo to the bottom piece of bread

  3. Place fillet on top of the mayo

  4. Add shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes and sliced pickles.

  5. Sprinkle hot sauce of choice over the top.

  6. Add top piece of bread

  7. Thats it!

Thats it - the BMO Walleye Sandwitch!

Hope you enjoy!


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